1st Week Working from Home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I started to work from home beginning last Wednesday. Work had been extremely busy and at times stressful dealing with the unique and trying situation, so social distancing is being put to the test.

Working on the web, my role translate favorably to a work at home schedule. My trusty MacBook Pro can handle any task I would have done in the office. So technology isn’t much of a concern. How things go without being able to interact directly with humans will be the true challenge.

The first few days were extremely busy. This in uncharted territory and our team is very busy and doing as best a job as we can given the circumstances. so even though I’m home, I’m still very much occupied.

I’m been able to communicate with the rest of my team via email and with our latest addition to our toolset, Microsoft Teams. When we found out late on Tuesday we would be working from home beginning the next name, I immediately had us setup some Teams and we gave ourselves a quick 10 minute run-through of how we may be able to use it from.

All things considering, it’s been working extremely well thus far. Everyone at our institution is available in the chat (assuming they’re using it), so that’s a huge plus for us. The video chat quality and ease of use has been most impressive. We have 14 users, with probably 10 or 11 using the video chat and the rest on audio chat with no issues. As clear as can be.

Microsoft Teams will officially be a part of my daily work going forward, even when we do return to the office. It’s been a great friend.

Work from Home Tools:

  • MacBook Pro 13″
  • Office 365
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Microsoft Teams
  • GitHub
  • A chair and table (it’s not a very comfy chair)
  • A place to stand and work (using an exercise mat to stand on really helps)

Supervising looks to be interesting. Teams has really done a solid job of making it not too awkward. We can have meetings without too much issue, sharing our screens when necessary, and just using old fashioned chat and link/file sharing to get the job done. Thus far not losing too much of a step.

The first week we were so busy in crisis mode, we didn’t have to get too creative in coming up with projects and managing folks. I’m sure the next days will be similar, but it will be interesting to see how it goes should things slow down. I’ve always been a self starter, but I’d like to see how everyone else adapts as well.


2013 Holiday Gift Exchange

Holiday Gift Exchange 2013

It’s kinda hard to believe but this was the seventh Holiday Gift Exchange we’ve had it work. What really set this one apart to me from previous exchange’s was easily the amount of turnover in participants this year. We lost a lot of great stalwarts due to retirement, or employment elsewhere.
With all the change, I felt this would be the second most important exchange besides the very first one that set the precedent of awesomeness. This exchange had to work and work well if it were to have any hope of carrying on.

Even with several new faces this year, our numbers were still down a bit with nine participants. However, those participants really brought a great deal of energy and fun to the event. It was great!

What really added to the fun was the amazing amount of steals this year. I really should have counted them all, but they just kept coming. It was very funny and really made things interesting.

Wine and gift cards seemed to be very popular. Star Wars themed mugs is what I would end up with. Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Yoda mugs to be specific.

I was extremely please by the success of the event and thrilled that everyone had so much fun. Good times!


Phillies Game

Went to the Phillies vs Astros game last night with some co-workers. It was actually my first trip to Citizens Bank Park. I’ve heard many good things about it, and was glad that it lived up to the hype. Sooooo much nicer than the Vet that it replaced.

We carpooled up there which was cool. I got the night off from driving since my back seat is quite cramped and Geneva Convention laws  prohibit 2 individuals for such a journey. Also, being cramped in car you do learn a lot from these people I work with but only seem to interact with in a work environment. Oh yeah, and carpooling is good for the environment too.

Scumbag got us free parking, and free is always very good. When we got in and figured out where our seats were I got a chance to walk around a bit and check out the different stuff at the park. Sadly only kids are allowed to run the bases, that’s so unfair.

Scumbag had to say hi to a ballgirl, so I said “hi” too. Then then gave us a free hot dog and soda ticket and we got them to sign their baseball cards to give to Geoff. So that was cool, he seemed to really appreciate the gifts.

The Phils went on to win the game, I don’t recall the score but it was fairly exciting. A grand slam, some home runs, good stuff.


Added Stuff to Work Page

Finally added some things I’ve worked on in the past the the work page of this site. Right now I broke things up into four categories:

  • websites
  • interactive projects
  • animations
  • videos
Dug up a lot of things I made years ago and forgot all about.  There’s some cool stuff scattered in there.  


Just updated the ACCCEA (Atlantic Cape Community College Education Association) website.  They were one of the first freelance sites I built.

The biggest upgrade to their site was moving their blog from the custom one I built for them a few years ago to being powered by WordPress.  As a result of the upgrades they now have a fully featured CMS (Content Management System).  So now they can just login and make edits to their website on their own.

Moving the blog over to WordPress also gives them a much more feature rich blogging engine then what they were currently using.  They can be a lot more creative when writing posts, adding images, video clips, styling the text, etc.