Eating with half a numb face

I had an dental appointment to replace a filling for a crack I had in a molar that was done when I was in high school. Going to the dentist was never too bad for me, and I was pretty much in and out in under 45 minutes (way to go Dr. Josh).

However, what I wasn’t expecting was for half of my face to be numb for 4 hours. I half to admit, it’s a very strange feeling. Eating pizza a little bit afterwards turned into quite the epic adventure.

I’ve been known to be a little too rough at times, so I was extremely cautious to make sure I wasn’t accidentally biting into the right side of my cheek while eating. Small bites that were only being chewed on the left side of my mouth was the recipe for success.

2 slices felt like 4, with only half of my jaw doing any substantial work. All in all the whole numbing thing has turned out to be a pretty interesting experience.

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