LOST Promo Contest

At work every morning after a new episode of LOST airs we all gather near my desk and discuss what we thought of the previous nights episode of LOST. It’s actually pretty fun, and quite funny just how involved we have all gotten with the show.

Recently we heard of a fan promo contest to create a 35 second commercial for the upcoming finale. So a group of us decided why not?

We reviewed the official rules, and viewed what had already been submitted. I then printed out some storyboards for us to fill out with our ideas. We all had some great ideas, but they all seemed to have one connection, and that was how this show has brought so many different people like our office together.

Working on this was a lot of fun. I got to work with people I never work directly with, but happen to work a few feet from. We spent just a little bit of time on it, but think it turned out pretty nice.

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