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Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New VegasYou know a game is really great when you’re sad to beat it. Fallout New Vegas was at times near addictive and I’m sure I put way too much of my time into it, but it was entertainment well spent. There’s just something fun about walking around a post apocalyptic world for me.

The many quests and story were excellent, however it was a bit buggy for console game. Freezing up, characters floating in the air, were fairly common. But apparently a patch that was just release the past week should resolve most of technical issues mentioned above. Despite these bugs, the game is still overall great.

I decided to side with Mr. House, so that was the route I took. I also took Cass and Rex as my companions towards the end. I had Boone for a while early on, but lost him somehow (a bug maybe?). There’s just so much to do in the game, there’s so many different ways the story can be played.

What a great game, thinking about picking up some of the additional downloadable content or maybe even playing it through again but taking a different path.

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