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OkamidenI finally finished up Okamiden on my trusty old DS. It was just as must fun if not more than the previous installment, Okami which I played on the Wii a little while back.

It picks up right where the original left off, and using the touch screen and stylus for the brush techniques was great. I like to draw.

It was one of the better DS games I’ve played and quite possibly one of the last one’s I’ll probably play with all the new systems coming out now.

The graphics and artwork was just as good as the original, capturing the whole old school Japanese fable feel. Very cool, and still very impressive this time around. The younger versions of all the various animals was very well done.

The story, especially the ending did have a serious of twists that I wasn’t expecting. So that’s always refreshing. Chibi is my new hero. All in all an excellent game and good distraction from all my business the past several weeks.

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