Kickball Season 2 Week 4

Coming off a pretty tough loss last week, the Honey Badgers we’re really hoping to get back on the winning track. Luckily this week’s opponent was the winless Gung Ho Executioners.

While the Gung Ho gang did put together several scoring rallies, we were able to kick pretty well as a team against their fielding. Are four girls playing that night; Lauren, Irena, Caitlin and Megan all had breakout performances. They were great for us and really made a big difference in the outcome of the game.

Unfortunately the most memorable moment of the night came late in the game with one of the Executioner’s girls running to first. Sean attempted to tag the bag before, but at the last second attempted to peg her to get her out as he was just a few feet too short to arrive at the bag before her.

It was a very heads up play on his part, however his throw sailed a little to high and struck her right smack on the side of her face. It was a pretty substantial strike and play had to be halted for a short time in order for her to recover. It was clearly an accident on his part with no malice and she was able to continue playing (you’re safe it struck above the shoulders).

The entire team did a great job of keeping the ball low and advancing runners all game. This really worked well for us and is a strategy that we will have to employ moving forward.

My one blunder of the game was not getting my foot on first base while making my catch. I kinda thought that I had touched it in time, but it was very close and the ref did not see me touch it. I wasn’t sure where the runner was exactly and really didn’t want to possibly collide with her and cause any injury.

All in all a very good game for the Honey Badgers. New faces making contributions and our veterans were able to try some new stuff out since we got out to an early lead.

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