The Avengers

As a lifelong comic book nerd I have been looking forward to the release of The Avengers for quite some time. Add in the fact that the last Marvel backed films (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, etc.) have all been great too, I really wanted to see all these great characters in one big film.

While not that big of a moviegoer, I was determined to see this on it’s opening night. Joining me on this would be the Shepherd and Dustin. We had to wait for the Shepherd to get off of work before we could go. He was expecting to work till 7 pm, maybe 8 at the latest.

Several phone calls later, the Shepherd would wind up getting off work around 10 pm. So that meant there was only 1 showing left in the area that we would still be able to attend. The 11 one in 3-D. None of us really like 3-D that much, but since it was our last option we didn’t have much of a choice.

The theatre wasn’t packed, but there was a good amount of people there for being so late. I thought the movie was excellent. There didn’t seem to be a wasted moment, or too much character explanation (I do get tired of always seeing the origin stories).

While a movie can never be exactly like the comics, it did a great job of appealing both to the comic fan and a casual viewer as well. There were also some genuinely funny moments in there as well. Very well done.

My favorite moment of the night was afterwards during the credits. Many movie goers had begun to leave as the credits began to roll. Any decent Marvel fan knows that spoilers are to follow after the main credits.

Well this one girl really seemed to take it upon herself to make sure that everyone in the theater was aware of upcoming spoilers. She continually shouted “Don’t leave, there’s more”, etc. Finally she stood up and motioned with her hands while shouting too. It was pretty amazing. You’d of thought she was trying to save their lives.

A guy dressed as Captain America was seated next to her, so I guess that kinda explains her behavior a bit better now that I look back.

All in all a very great comic book film and hope that they can keep up this great streak of solid comic adaptations.

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