Kickball Season 2 Week 5

This was truly a classic game and one of the most exciting I’ve been fortunate enough to play in. Our opponent was the undefeated Terror Squad.

We were short several girls tonight, but did have the necessary 3 to field a proper team. One of our injured teammates did show up to support and cheer on our team even though she had to sit out this week. We’ve got a good team like that.

The Honey Badgers were the visiting team this week and batted first. Kevin lead off with a bullet to third that was caught by a tall enough third baseman. When we took the field the Terror Squad got a couple of base hits and were threatening to score. Our defense really stepped it up and managed to get out of the innig unharmed. It was great to watch.

The next inning with John K. and Sean on the bases I slipped a little on my kick and kicked on top of the ball by accident. Miraculously it only traveled a few feet and despite my terrible kick it managed to score two very big and early runs. The other team complained of a bunt attempt and carried on a little bit too much to me, but I did follow through and it was a legit kick albeit a very weak one.

The rest of the game we would score and then they would match it. There was some amazing plays by Irena all night. Making some huge catches, covering home, etc. She really put on a fielding clinic out there.

I did drop an amazing throw covering first base by John K. that would lead to a run. I was really bummed that I dropped that one. He made an amazing throw and it just bounced out of my hands.

With some solid and intense play we found ourselves up three runs in the bottom of the seventh. However the seventh inning didn’t prove to be our highlight of the night. With some very solid a precise kicking the Terror Squad found a way to answer back and tie the game with three runs of their own.

However, with two outs runners in scoring position John B. made a truly remarkable catch in left field to extend our night with extra innings. WIth a kick to shallow left John B. ran faster than I had ever seen him run and reached down to his shoe laces to make an amazing big time clutch catch. It was probably the finest play I’ve seen in two seasons of kickball.

Extra innings were tough. Both teams threatened in the eight but were unable to bring anyone home. The bottom of the ninth the Terror Squad put together several key kicks. The had the bases loaded with only one out and were able to kick in the winning run keeping on low of the ground to first. I wasn’t able to field it cleanly, but even had I done the runner of third would’ve scored any how by how long it the ball had been on the ground.

This was truly an amazing game and while a heartbreaking loss I was very proud of how hard everyone played. I couldn’t imagine a bunch I’d rather play with win or lose.


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