A Game of Thrones

A Game of ThronesI actually began reading A Game of Thrones at the end of last summer after watching the great show on HBO. However I never did get around to finishing it up as the book I loaned from the library was in incredibly bad shape. I regret not taking a photo of it, it appeared as though it spent some time submerged and literally fell to pieces as I attempted to read it.

I did notice a shiny new hard cover edition of it on my last visit to the library and thought I should finish it up (it’s not good to not finish things). So I checked it out and was very pleased to read it through.

Having watched all the episodes on TV it really helped me to identify a bit better with the characters as well as get a better understanding of them than could be portrayed on the show. There were many moments where actions made a lot more sense when read than if you were to just watch the series.

it was a little slow moving for me at times in the beginning, but halfway though really picks up and can be hard to put down at times. No character is safe in this, and just when you grow accustomed to a character it seems that they meet an untimely demise. Very good, and I expect to continue reading more of the series.

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