ShuffleboardHaving not played shuffleboard since way back at the M.R.A. probably during the late 80’s, I was looking forward to this last Honey Badger Fun Day. I’ve heard legends of the greatness of the Ocean City Shuffle Board Club facilites and was anxious to behold it in all it’s glory.

I am most pleased to state that all shuffleboard in OC lived up to the hype. There were a ton of courts, some shaded and others in the sun to choose from. Most importantly is was all free! I’m always amazed when I can find something free, just seems so rare anymore.

The rules were a little tricky to figure out, I just assumed that others would know how to play. I really should’ve looked them up beforehand in retrospect, but with smartphones we figured it out in no time. Or at least figured it out well enough to play (still not sure of the order of whom goes first during a game).

We had a really terrific best of 3 doubles match once we all got the hang of it. It was a very intense match with some nifty precise shots throughout. Lots of fun.

My favorite new terms that I learned was “the kitchen” and “liner” I will abuse both terms as much as I possibly can now. I do believe I’ve found a new game to play.

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