Crazy Storm

Finally found some electricity at work today, so I figured I’d jot down some of my highlights from the most craziest storm I’ve been witnessed.

While the storm only lasted about 45 minutes or so on Friday night, the insane wind gusts sure left their mark. I knew that I’d wake up to some decent amount of damage in the neighborhood, but nothing near what took place around Linwood.

Massive oaks that I thought were unmovable were lifted taking up chunks of sidewalks with them. I honestly felt that the Hulk would’ve broken a sweat attempting to lift many of these ancient oaks. I still can’t believe how many had gotten torn up or broken.

Sadly what would break their fall in most cases were power lines. So there were many downed power lines throughout. In fact as of right now there’s still no power in Linwood and it isn’t expect back on until July 6th. Hopefully it comes back much sooner if possible.

I was without cell service for a while too. On my quest to get a car charger for my phone I wound up at a Radio Shack. I hate Radio Shack. The salesman was pretty insistant on selling me insurance on my $30 purchase. Why would I spend $11 to insure something that was $30? With all the craziness about, I think Radio Shack may’ve been the zaniest experience I had.

Not having power hasn’t been that bad though. In a weird way it’s a bit refreshing to be without it. I feel a bit less lazy since I’m not sitting around as much. Though air conditioning is quite nice to have especially when you’ve been outside moving trees and other storm clean up stuff.

This was the most damage I’ve seen in the area ever. Still a bit amazed at all the trees that came down, many of them will be sadly missed.

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