Day 6 With No Power

LaundromatSince the Super Derecho storm that hit on Friday (it was madness) I’ve been without electricity where I live. While it has been inconvenient, I really haven’t missed it as much as I’d of thought I would.

Since I’ve sill had running water and hot water due to it running on gas, I haven’t really missed too much. I’m still able to drink, take showers, etc. Though when I get out of the shower I do feel instantly sweaty since there’s no AC and it’s been very hot out.

I’ve found myself to read a lot more than I normally would (and I have been reading a lot recently anyway). Reading is cool, I think it’s much better than watching TV. However, I have found myself trying to finish up a chapter as the sun sets. Reading at a speed reading pace on a few pages so that I know how something ends before sunlight is gone.

I’ve found myself stopping at McDonalds for breakfast before heading out to the gym in the morning. I highly recommend their Blueberry and Banana Walnut oatmeal and a small orange juice to start the day! Then I bring over my trusty MacBook Pro and use their free wifi for a few minutes to get caught up on emails, and just the world in general. It’s really kinda fun and relaxing for me, McDonald’s patrons at that time in Northfield seem to be a friendly lot.

However this morning getting ready for work I realized that I’ve finally hit the end of road of clean clothes. While I did have some clean t-shirts, I do have a personal policy of not wearing a t-shirt to work. While I do dress down and wear sneakers and jeans many days to work, I draw the line with not wearing a t-shirt.

After driving around a bit I did find an open laundromat near Pep Boys. This was my first laundromat experience, so I was very excited. I figured all the machines out all by myself and after changing in the parking lot was able to get to work on time with a clean un-wrinkled shirt on. It was an amazing experience.

I also noticed that I have been snacking a lot less with no power. I guess it’s because there’s less edible food around with no working refrigerator and I’m not sitting around nor up as long as I would be. But I have been eating out more, so I’m guessing it’s probably a caloric wash in the end with both sides offsetting themselves.

All in all, while I do miss electricity at times it really hasn’t been that bad at all.  It’s even been fun most of the time.


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