Kickball Season 3 Week 1

There’s nothing like opening day of SJSL kickball! Filling out my waiver, being issued my new shirt for the season, meeting and greeting new faces; it’s really a fine experience.

This season we’re returning nearly all of our Honey Badgers with two key additions. Geoff “Golden Leg” is returning this season and new addition Julie has already made a major impact to the team. I really like our squad this season!

This week we found ourselves pitted against the Banzai Executioners. When last we met we had ended their season in the playoffs so we knew they’d come back strong hoping for some payback.

We got off to a strong start which always makes the game easier for us. The most notable stat on the day would be our amazing fielding. We turned an astounding four double plays with one nearly being a triple play, and really could have turned five. In a seven inning game, that’s pretty astounding!

To go along with our outstanding fielding we also were equally as dominant at the plate as well. It was a steady stream of hits coupled with some fine base running.

I was very glad to continue with my not kicking streak that ended last season. I really like my placement with kicks, it tends to go exactly where I’m aiming. What’s really impressing me has been my base running though. I completely stole a run going from third to home with two outs and took and extra base on a single that would eventually set me up for another easy run as well. I felt like Vince Coleman, minus throwing fireworks at kids of course.

I was very impressed with our girls. They all can catch, field and kick very well. I think they will win us a lot of games this year. They’re all very solid and know the game.

John B. continued to dazzle in the field. He seems to produce several web gems each and every week now. So glad that he’s healthy.

With out great game we went on to win 8-1. Despite the score the Executioners hung in there for most of the game. We did get some late insurance runs at the very end.

All in all a perfect start to the season. Very excited!

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