Dodgeball Season 3 – Week 2

This week the Honey Badgers faced the dreaded double header! Two games in one night means a whole lot of throwing and wear and tear on the body. Luckily Lauren was able to play tonight which really helped our girls out and Joey joined the ranks to give us a full guys roster with Pete our with a quad injury.

Our first match was against the Banzai Executioners. The Executioners had some new additions this week and looked to be more formidable than in week 1 (they had a very depleted roster). The matches were quite fun. Our girls did an amazing job, winning nearly all of their matches, though the Executioners kept them all close

Our guys despite losing some early matches really came alive around the midway point and turned things around. John B. clearly figured the game out and was huge for the Badgers last night. Kevin also played perhaps the most intelligent dodgeball I’ve seen him play. His wise decisions saved him a lot of energy that he’d normal be using up in past seasons. Jared was also very solid on the night coming up with numerous big catches and getting a couple of pegs in there too.

We would wind up defeating the Banzai Executioners in a great game. They were tough, but we were able to edge them out in some really close matches.

The later game was against the Terror Squad who quite frankly has the Honey Badgers number. Despite great battles they always seem to come out on top. Despite our best efforts and continued great play, sadly the trend continued with a loss to the Terror Squad.

The previous game took just enough out of us that it was hard to win some of the later games. Also of note was the frequency of left buttocks injuries to our team. John B. and Caitlin both sustained left buttocks injuries in completely different ways on the night. Truly craziness, no buttocks was safe on the night!

I really liked what I saw from our team last night. All of our new players really seemed to get the game now and were great for us. I can’t wait to see how this season plays out.

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