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Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem AwakeningI’ve been a big fan of Fire Emblem games for many years now, and I do believe Awakening was the finest installment yet. I definitely played this game too much and found myself wanting to play it at weird times. While this also says a bit about perhaps I need to find better things to be doing, it clearly also reflects what a fine game this was as well.

I do enjoy strategy games, and challenges as well. The perma-death, is what really makes this series stand out to me. When a character that you’re spent way too many hours leveling up and kinda getting to know in a weird way dies in a battle, they are dead. No extra lives, bringing back from the dead, phoenix downs, etc. They are gone.

While it many sound ever more strange is how attached you become to these stupid characters and just how much effort and thought I found myself spending before each and every move to ensure their safety. There were nervous moments indeed, but I somehow played through Hard level without losing anyone until the very last chapter. I thought that was pretty impressive given how hard and unforgiving this game can be.

This was easily one of my all time favorites and was really impressed with how well done and how much there was to do in this game. The amount of downloadable content has been impressive as well, fine job Nintendo. Though I’m bummed that it’s over, I’m also very glad that I feel like I’ve gotten a good chunk of my life back as well.

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