New Years 2014

I received a very rare phone call from the relatively silent Dustin inviting me over to a festive New Year’s celebration. While I was pretty much leaning towards simply sleeping and doing nothing, if he did make the effort to call I really felt like I should go.

Unfortunately the Shepherd didn’t intend to go, but we thought I would be able to drag him out. I decided to attempt to persuade him to come along in person. It’s always tougher to say no in person after all. So after defeating him in darts and losing by 1 lone point in a pretty intense game of Scrabble he was adamant to not join us. I had failed in my mission.

I still headed over though, and was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of Badgers there as well too. I’d have plenty to chat with after all.

We played a board game called Smart Ass that I pretty much dominated at to the humorous complaints of all in the room. It was a trivia based game, and I do tend to do well with the trivia after all. Fun stuff.

I really wasn’t paying much attention to the actual ball drop on TV, but apparently the banging of pots and pans is a tradition in Somers Point as many would partake in the excursion outdoors. It was rather funny and loud at the same time. Beautiful.

All in all a rather fun night with a rather different crew for me. Good times ringing in the new year.

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