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Advance Wars

Advance WarsAs a big fan of the Advance Wars series on Nintendo’s portables, when I saw that the original was available for download on the Wii U I was sure I’d have to download it. I’m pretty sure that the original is the only one that I hadn’t played up to that point.

Since it was originally launched on the Game Boy Advance, the graphics were pretty lousy. Especially when on a HDTV, but the game was still as addictive as the others in the series.

Frankly, I spent a bit too much time playing this one. I found myself doing the whole, well I’ve got time for one more level when I had more important things to be done. I’m just a sucker for turn based war games.

Leave it to Nintendo to make war happy and smiley. While moving tanks across a map to take out the enemy, all my characters are smiling and giving peace signs. It’s pretty amazing, and I think the silliness of it all is what I enjoyed a great deal. It’s not that morbid, but there’s still a ton of strategy going on.

Even though graphically it’s a bit poor from age, it’s still one of the more addictive games I’ve ever played.

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