High School Reunion

It’s truly hard to believe, but my high school’s 20th reunion was this weekend. So hard to believe how fast 20 years could go by. Pretty much all my friends whom I keep in touch were attending, but I was really looking forward to seeing all the other great people whom I don’t get to see much of any more.

The reunion was held at the Linwood Country Club which is conveniently close to me, so that was pretty great. I think it turned out to be a bit too big for the amount of people, but it was a nice spot overall.

I saw so many old friends, it was great. It’s amazing how easy it was to talk to everyone and at times it felt like no time had passed. We really had a great class, and I’m so glad to see how well everyone is doing. Especially proud of my Linwood classmates, they are still the best!

I did my best not to talk to my friends whom I still keep in touch with, as I already talk to them all the time anyway. I probably should have practiced on what else to say besides, “hi, so how are you?”, but luckily most the the responders had excellent follow up questions.

It turned out to be a pretty great time, and the only drawback is that we only do this every 10 years. I’d be down for a something a bit more frequent. A great time!

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