Wow, hard to believe I turned 38 on Thursday. It doesn’t really hit me how old I am until I’m asked my age. But when I do the math is does add up.

This year I just went to work as usual. I got a very cool DC comics Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Lego set. It’s not easy to put a set together during a work day, but I did complete it with just a few minutes to spare in the day. It’s a pretty cool one, I like the see thru green pieces.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive 3 peanut butter cookies. They were really good! Plus got a chance to play a little bit of ping pong. Good times.

I was beginning to think that perhaps my co-workers hadn’t planned anything, but fairly late in the day I saw people walking to the meeting room. Which surely can only mean that a cake was in the building.

It was cool, they put a foam replica of Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) on the cake. I pretending it was difficult to lift, but eventually lifted it and then went on to slice up some cake. It was a pink plastic knife, no sure why but that stood out to me.

Work birthdays have been most awkward here, and this one was surely no exception. I cannot explain it, but when everyone is together in that room there’s just an awkwardness that is present but difficult to explain. I felt really old when they asked me what my age was.

I then stopped over my parents for some chicken parm and an ice cream cake. More food! They gave me some grilling supplies. So I should get that grill working soon.

Didn’t do too much after that. I was a bit worn out with the longer work days this week. All in all not too shabby of a day.

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