RamboWas hanging out with the Shepherd this afternoon and while thinking of something to do, he remembered that he had some movie passes that were due to expire soon. It would be just wrong to let something free go unused. So the big decision of what film to witness was now upon us.

After seeing that Rambo was showing at 3:50, without a moments hesitation it was decided that the film Rambo would be seen on this day. I grew up admiring and hoping to grow up to be a one man killing machine like John Rambo since Rambo: First Blood 2 came out back in 1985 (hard to believe it was that long ago).

The movie wasn’t that bad. By no means was it a great film that I would recommend that you must see, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Granted it was one of the most violent films I’d ever seen. I couldn’t begin to try to count how many deaths occurred in just an hour and a half, but for an action film it rarely got dull. My favorite scene of all was when he detonated the WWII English bomb with the claymore. It was Rambo carnage at it’s finest.