Dodgeball Season 3 – Playoffs

Historically the dodgeball playoffs haven’t been a moment when the Honey Badgers shine. Sadly, this season would be more of the same. We really pick the wrong time to have the worst game of our season.

It was hard to pinpoint what exactly the problem was, but we were just flat for the majority of the night. I myself, bad elbow or not was pretty horrible. I just didn’t play aggressive enough for some reason. Maybe because I slipped last week, I was being a bit too cautious to not fall and land on my arm again? I don’t know.

However, John B. was throwing like a man possessed last night. Perhaps some of the hardest throws we had seen in all of dodgeball by any player this season. He really brought it last night, but the rest of the crew unfortunately couldn’t provide enough last night to help him out.

It was pretty great to see that when we were down 8 games to 1 we didn’t simply give up. We did manage to finally pull off 3 wins at that point. But again, it was too little too late as we had dug ourselves much too deep of a hole by that point.

Despite our lackluster performance, it was a very fun night! We do have a pretty awesome team and I’m very glad I did get the chance to play with everyone. Can’t wait for next season!


Dodgeball Season 3 – Week 8

The Honey Badgers concluded the regular season with a 3-6 regular season record. While we did narrowly lose last night’s game to Dodgeasserole 9-7, our guys did have one of our finer moments all season.

Without our best guy, John B. out due to flu like symptoms we knew we’d all have to step up our game. And I was really proud to say we all did pick up our game and play one of our best games all season, without our best player and playing a man down 4 to 5 all night long.

Dustin was great all game. You could see he was letting loose, putting a little bit more on each throw. Same could be said of Kevin as well, who as always finds new ways of staying alive.

Even Jared vowed to play harder that night, and backed up his predictions with some big catches and some throws with bad intent.

And I in my second game back from elbow surgery managed to contribute as well. I made a good amount of catches, and even finished off a game with a big catch. I gotta admit, it felt pretty great to get my teammates excited and be the recipient of high fives! While I’m still not back yet, I am beginning to adjust to the speed of things more each week.

Unfortunately our girls on this night really had a hard time getting a win. It was weird, they weren’t outclassed at all, but our opponent always seemed to find and way to pull out a win against us. They played well, it’s just wasn’t our night I suppose.

Next week is the playoffs, can’t wait!


Return to Dodgeball

After over four months of being shut down due to a pretty nasty elbow injury and surgery, I finally was able to play, albeit a bit sparingly. It was a pretty awesome night.

Since I was wearing shorts in the middle of November, as my teammates arrived they all seemed a bit excited as I figured out that I would be attempting to play in last night’s game. I’ve got some really amazing and supportive teammates, and it was really great to see how excited they were for me, it made my usually calm self a bit excited too.

While my right elbow is probably still two months away from throwing shape, I did commit to using my left during the game. In warm ups, I can actually get some ok velocity and accuracy with my left after several weeks of practice. In a game however, where everything is sped up and I can’t mentally go over each step it was a much different story.

Throwing with my left was a disaster. One of my throws came our so early that it literally hung up in the air for what seemed an eternity. In fact, I could hear teammates complain about it before it was caught it was in the air so long. So, at that point I realized that my contributions couldn’t come from throwing that night.

So, I figured I could still contribute by gathering ammunition and giving it to the closest available teammate. This approach did work and I felt was a benefit to the team.

Another technique that I attempted was to server as a block for my teammates, aka “Human Shield”. This surprisingly was very effective and I think bought some of my guys some extra time and allowed them to get closer to the line knowing that I would jump the angles in case of retribution throws as they backed away from their throws.

All in all it was a pretty awesome night, and I was very glad to be back.

The Honey Badgers would go on to win a very dramatic overtime victory! Our team really played hard last night, and we really did a great job of supporting one another. It was pretty great to watch.

Even thought I’m still very limited, it’s pretty amazing to be back and able to contribute to the team!


Dodgeball Season 3 – Week 3

The Honey Badgers had a pretty good victory over a depleted Vicious and Delicious squad last night, winning 9-7. Despite only having 4 guys and 3 girls playing, V& D really gave us a serious run for our money last night.

While our guys struggled through most tof the night, our girls really came through for us again. Another big week by Meghan and a ton of big catches by Julie gave us early wins.

However as the matches wore on, Honey Badger of the Week Caitlin really shined. She practically single handedly won us two and probably three matches on the night with her hustle and smart play.

John B. continues to improve to a dominant player with his strong arm. We just need to find a way to keep his elbow healthy and we should continue to play well. Jared got off to a strong start, but showed that he hasn’t gotten his dodgeball legs under him as he showed signs of fatigue. But his early throws were great.

A great victory and against a pretty great team. There was very little arguing, etc. from both sides (expect wild man Kevin), just some fun dodgeball.

I did get to throw a bit with my left arm before the game which was great. I currently throw weak and very wild, but it was still great to get some tosses in.


Dodgeball Season 3 – Week 2

This week the Honey Badgers faced the dreaded double header! Two games in one night means a whole lot of throwing and wear and tear on the body. Luckily Lauren was able to play tonight which really helped our girls out and Joey joined the ranks to give us a full guys roster with Pete our with a quad injury.

Our first match was against the Banzai Executioners. The Executioners had some new additions this week and looked to be more formidable than in week 1 (they had a very depleted roster). The matches were quite fun. Our girls did an amazing job, winning nearly all of their matches, though the Executioners kept them all close

Our guys despite losing some early matches really came alive around the midway point and turned things around. John B. clearly figured the game out and was huge for the Badgers last night. Kevin also played perhaps the most intelligent dodgeball I’ve seen him play. His wise decisions saved him a lot of energy that he’d normal be using up in past seasons. Jared was also very solid on the night coming up with numerous big catches and getting a couple of pegs in there too.

We would wind up defeating the Banzai Executioners in a great game. They were tough, but we were able to edge them out in some really close matches.

The later game was against the Terror Squad who quite frankly has the Honey Badgers number. Despite great battles they always seem to come out on top. Despite our best efforts and continued great play, sadly the trend continued with a loss to the Terror Squad.

The previous game took just enough out of us that it was hard to win some of the later games. Also of note was the frequency of left buttocks injuries to our team. John B. and Caitlin both sustained left buttocks injuries in completely different ways on the night. Truly craziness, no buttocks was safe on the night!

I really liked what I saw from our team last night. All of our new players really seemed to get the game now and were great for us. I can’t wait to see how this season plays out.


Dodgeball Season 3 – Week 1

Even though I’m still unable to play due to an elbow injury, the first night of dodgeball was still quite a fun event. It felt like the first day of grade school where you see all these dodgeball friends whom you haven’t seen in several months.

It was great to get caught up with old rivals and hear what they’ve been up to. It’s also amazing just how many people are kind enough to ask how my elbow is healing up. I was surprised that several of the people even recognized me as the injured elbow guy without my post-op brace on.

After showing off scars and trading old injury stories, I got to meet and introduce the new crop of Honey Badgers this fall.

We’ve got many returning players from last season: Kevin, Dustin, Jared, Caitlin and Meghan and welcomed some new comers in Julie, John B. Libby, Ginny and Pete. A solid mix of old and new.

The only real drawback to opening night was that we would be facing off against the Ghostbusters whom are yet to lose a game in 2+ seasons. So I was sure to remind our new players that the game will only get easier in upcoming weeks and not every team throws as well as they do.

They did go on to beat us pretty soundly, but our girls did win several matches for us. I think we’re going to have another solid girl squad this season lead by the Ludgates again. Once our new comers figure things out, we should be a squad to look out for.

Our guys on the other hand look like we might need to work on a bit more. I’d really like to add a few more guys so that we can rotate our older arms a bit more as the season wears on. They do play well together as a team and that should work to our advantage as the season goes on.

A pleasant surprise was that 5-time Honey Badger Lauren stopped by and played for us as well! It was great to have her on hand and her veteran presence really helped our new girls out. It will be strange not having her there every week, but we hope her the best in her new endeavors and she will always be an honorary Honey Badger.

I really look forward to Tuesday nights and watching the team improve. I’m still crossing my fingers that the doctors will clear me to play at some point this season, but I think I still have a ways to go.