I had to exchange a birthday gift this week and decided to use my newly found store credit on the Creationary Lego board game. I’ve always been a big fan of Legos, in fact my dream job as a child growing up was to be a Lego designer.

Apparently Lego has a full line of board games now, but Creationary was the one that really caught my eye. It’s like Pictionary but instead of drawing the things to guess, you build them with Lego bricks. A simple, yet brilliant concept.

You also know something is good when you can get people who’d never participate in a board game to play it too. Some of the cards are pretty challenging actually, but there’s 3 levels of difficulty that you can choose which helps even things out amongst different skilled players/teams.

I’m very pleased with this fine purchase and have to highly recommend this as a fine game to play with a group of people. Plus you get to build with Legos which is always a good thing.


Thanksgiving Game 2009

We managed to get in a fine game of flag football in this morning. Thanks to Wes and Josh for rounding up enough able bodies to play as well as providing flags and cones for a respectable game.

A big surprise addition to this game for me were the Shepherd and a slimmed down Alex both playing. And they both played very well. Alex did burn me for a deep score, probably the longest play of the game. The Shepherd with a late QB switch almost lead his team to victory on this fine morning.

However on this day, I was fortunate enough to find myself on the winning side. Kyle gave us some very solid QB play. Wes played an extremely good 2 way day, with the most difficult task of guarding Josh for most of the game. The gunslinger Dave had some amazing catches, including the game winning TD. Very impressive.

Haha, I had a ton of drops. 2 or 3 of which were definite touchdowns. Oops, sorry guys.

Great game with a great bunch of guys. We’ll have to have a rematch next year if all of our bodies have recovered by then.