Design Development 3.0 upgrades

I’ve been so busy that I keep putting off upgrades to this very blog. But I’ve finally gotten some time to get this blog with a fancy responsive design and make it a bit friendlier on tablets and larger screens too.

I looked over many CSS grids and decided that Pure would work best for me. I was very much impressed with their minimal footprint and it’s responsiveness. It was extremely easy to work with and flexible. I was very much impressed. Plus their blog layout example was almost too perfect for what I was hoping to achieve! It saved me a ridiculous amount of time!

While I mostly use jQuery for my framework of choice in most projects, I wanted to give YUI3 a crack in this one as my early roots go back to mostly YUI. It was a great working with YUI3, and I was very impressed with their TabView module. It worked great.

I really think that the new layout makes my posts much easier to read on mobile, tablets, and traditional users as well. So I’m very excited for that.

I’m still cleaning up my work section though. I’ve let that fall behind a bit, even neglecting to add many recent projects. So, that’s next on my list of things to do!


HTML5: Up and Running

HTML5: Up and RunningFinishing up reading HTML5: Up and Running. It’s a pretty solid book describing some of the upcoming HTML5 features, with some great examples on how to implement such features now.

The chapter of Forms was really great. Using input types is something I will begin right away. Knowing that they degrade gracefully in older browsers is great.

Portions of the book seemed a bit out of place. While the first chapter regarding the history of HTML was extremely interesting for me to read, it really had very little if anything to do with what I was expecting to read in a book on HTML5.

Overall though, it does do a great job of introducing and explaining how to implement HTML5 features in browsers today.