Microsoft Developer – Beginner’s Series to JavaScript

In my never ending quest to be a better developer I came across a new JavaScript series from Microsoft. I have to say I was pretty impressed with it. The videos are short and focused for folks who already have some programming knowledge. Still a bit in shock that Microsoft has embraced JavaScript, would have never guessed that a few years back, but very glad they have and are sharing so much with the community.

The particular videos that really stood out to me were the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Objects in Javascript videos. Those were tough concepts for me to grasp when I had first started learning the language, and while I know them pretty well now, the author did a pretty amazing job of explaining how they work. It really clicked with me, and wish I had seen those two years ago!

I could still use some work on Promises and Async/Await, but the videos on those topics were extremely helpful too. While I can still use them, I can’t 100% say that I fully understand what I’m doing when I use them and wouldn’t want to have to explain how they work to others myself just yet. Ha, someday I’ll have them mastered.

Video Games

Mass Effect

Mass EffectPicking up a used copy of Mass Effect for $15 was one of the better purchases I’ve made in a long time. This game is an amazingly well done sci-fi experience.  The music, graphics, worlds, aliens, and dialog were true to a traditional sci-fi movie.

The decision making that your allowed to make throughout the game makes for a very interested story. There many points where the story can go in completely different directions, with how you want to play it. Some of the decisions are pretty tough, with instances where either decision is a loss.

The voice overs are really well done. Especially with all the different alien races you encounter throughout your travels. If you own a xbox 360 and haven’t already played this already, I highly recommend that you do. After defying the odds and somehow saving the galaxy from the Reapers, I’m very much looking forward to the sequel in 2010.