Ugly Mudder 7.25 Mile Trail Run

I took part in the Ugly Mudder 7.25 mile trail run yesterday. It was all the way in the very hilly Reading, PA. I drove to NGM’s house and he drove the rest of the way.

It was a very sloppy course. A very slick track, with too many steep hills and loose rocks all over the place. I did slip and fall flat on my butt at one point, but bounced right back up and kept running.

Despite being over 7 miles, the running wasn’t too bad for me. Much of it had to be walked due to bottlenecks on the trails and very slick conditions, so I really didn’t feel like a guy who had ran 7.25 miles at the end.

We ran with friends of NGM’s and they were very fast. They probably finished a half and hour ahead of me. The terrain in Reading is pretty tough, a lot rougher than what I’m used to down here.

Afterwards we stopped at the Haute Chocolate Cafe again, and got some amazing post race chocolate. Then stopped at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets on the drive back. Their Toys R Us was kinda weak.

Today I don’t feel too sore overall. But I did do something pretty bad to my left elbow. It’s really swollen and isn’t a big fan of movement at the moment. Seems like a decent sprain, though I have no idea how I may’ve sprained it during the race.

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RunAmuck NY

Ran in another RunAmuck with NGM yesterday. This one took place all the way up at Sebago Beach (Harriman State Park) in NY. It was an amazing place, massive with some incredible rocks and mountains which I would learn to despise.

My day began with waking up around 5:00 AM then driving an hour over to NGM’s. Ummm, I kinda found myself driving on the Parkway instead of the Expressway for a bit, and had to turn back early on. I guess that’s what waking up that early does to me. Once I met up NGM and company, we began our 2 1/2 hour drive up to NY. So yeah, I spent a good 7+ hours in a car yesterday, not a good feeling.

We managed to get there with no major problems. Up in North Jersey it was very mountainous and quite scenic, very different from the New Jersey I’m used to. Again the RunAmuck was a very well organized event, and that was apparent as we pulled into the park that was packed with so many people.

NGM and I registered quickly, duct taped our shoes to prevent losing them in the water/muck and eagerly awaited the start of our race. There were so many people, even more than the NJ RunAmuck race. Lining up for the race, NGM and I were pitted next to an older fellow we called Jack Lalane. This old guy was ripped, and would go on to easily crush us in this race.

The race began and NGM and I both began with a steady and consistent pace. Only a few meters in and the runners were faced with a brutal incline up a rocky terrain. This early in the race you could sense a lot of the runners lose confidence, and regret signing up for this. This was a true precursor to the most difficult run I’ve ever experienced.

I found the ground to be extremely unique, there were huge rocks almost everywhere. This make footing very difficult and interesting, as well as slick and not too kind to the ankles. I can’t even begin to count how many times I rolled an ankle during the run, as well as a couple of near spills (one literally almost was a spill  as I almost fell into the lake).

The inclines and declines were so very brutal. Several of them required walking attentively to successfully navigate through them. About 1.75 miles in I was completely exhausted from the hostile terrain. I would then slow it down a bit until NGM caught up then, finish this race up with him.

We even had to trek through a lake! The water was up to our armpits at times. This was so great for me, it allowed me to slow and cool down, catching my breath for the upcoming final leg. NGM and I ran out the final leg of the race together and made it through the final mud pit with a respectable finish.

This was by far the most grueling run I’d ever took a part in. Today my ankles are sore with some swelling, and my right shoulder is shot (I have so rotator cuff issues in there and probably got aggravated with the climbs). So I guess I’m getting a bit old, haha. All in all this was an amazing race and a very fun day, we’ll have to do this again.