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Wii Fit

Wii FitPicked up a Wii Fit on Friday at EB Games.  Got the last one.  Getting the last anything from a store always seems cool to me.  When I got home from work I figured I’d fire it up and give it a shot.  

It starts you off by selecting your Mii (I haven’t been able to make one that looks like me) then asks you to stand of the balance board so that it can test you out.  The balance board weights you and measures your center of balance.  My balance was off to the left a bit but not too far from center.

It then gives you some balance tests.  I had to stand on one leg and balance for a bit.  This test showed me that I can’t really stand on one leg to save my life.  Then another balance test had you have to lean left or right to line up your balance in some boxes.  This one was a bit easier for me.  It then gave me my Wii Fit age of a whopping 50 years old!  I was a bit disappointed by this.

I’ve been doing many of the examples, determined to get my age much lower than 50.  I can now kinda balance on one leg, still gotta work on that a bit more.  The strength exercise I’m great at, with perfect 100 scores in most cases.  So I still have some dignity left.

This morning one day 5 of Wii Fit, I’ve lost almost 6 pounds (don’t know how that happened) and my Wii Fit age was 31!  So I’m glad that I’m no longer 50 and can now almost balance on one leg.  Overall I’m very much impressed with this, while I won’t stop going to the gym several times a week.  It does do a good job of working in many balance and flexibility exercises I’d like to incorporate into my routine.