Christmas 2013

While Christmas isn’t nearly what it was to me growing up, it’s still a pretty fun time of year. While the presents received doesn’t live up to the days of old, getting people really cool and thoughtful stuff is a lot of fun to me.

Apparently I really hit a home run with the Marvel Unlimited subscription I got my younger brother. He now has one year unlimited access to over 13,000+ issues of Marvel comics on his iPad. While I knew he would appreciate this a great deal, I was surprised at just how excited he was to receive it.

I did notice my Dad complaining to my Mom a few weeks back that these things he uses on the stove burners were well past broken. My Mom thought that the things were no longer made, as she hasn’t seen them in ages. Using the power of the internet I found out that they were called heat diffusers and in fact can still be bought. God bless the internet and a very glad father.

As for my older brother, he tends to be a really worrisome about his dog (Lady) when he has to leave her at home alone. So I got him a Belkin NetCam HD that he can setup wirelessly at home and check in on Lady when he is at work in full HD from his iPad (or any internet connected device). I was glad to be able to put him at ease and he was very thankful for the gift.

While my Mom’s wasn’t quite as exciting to me to think of, I did get her a fine gift card to Macy’s so she can go out and spend a day shopping and frankly getting away from the above mentioned guys in my family for a bit of sanity. She really likes to do that, and giving her a gift card to use up means that she will surely put aside time for a day to get away from those guys.

All in all a pretty successful gift giving for my family.

I was also the recipient of some cool stuff from them too:

  • The Wonderful 101 for the Wii U
  • a talking plush Honey Badger (very cool!)
  • some rare Guardians of the Galaxy comic (I’ll have to look that one up)
  • a re-gifted sweater that I immediately recognized, but acted like I hadn’t realized just to be nice
  • Sports Authority gift card so I can be sporty
  • and and assortment of other fine stuff too

While not at fun as it was many years ago, still a pretty cool time and nice to be around everyone in relative peace.

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