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Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D WorldThough I had bought Super Mario 3D World for the Nintendo WiiU almost a year ago (think it was in November), I hadn’t gotten around to playing it until a little bit ago. But since I started, I’ve probably been playing it a bit too much or just need more to do. It’s much fun.

Once again the awesome folks at Nintendo (one of my all-time favorite companies) made yet another fun Mario game that while brings much newness to the franchise still retains the nostalgia of playing so many Mario games growing up. I’m not sure how they manage that balance, but they do. Hats off to you Nintendo.

Though I really haven’t played it much on multiplayer, it’s so awesome that the different characters play differently like waaaayyy back in Super Mario 2. Luigi jumps higher, Peach floats, Toad is fast, etc. So awesome to see that again.

The levels and challenge are pretty well balanced too. I find myself devoting way too much time and effort in collecting green stars and stamps, but I just can’t help it. It’s rewarding when you get a really tough one!

This is an awesome game, that’s much fun. Brings back some great childhood memories, yet is still new at the same time.

Video Games

Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D LandI did pick up a Nintendo 3DS a few months back when they dropped the price. But I really hadn’t played any of the 3DS titles on it just yet. There really wasn’t anything that great that had been released in my opinion.

However, when Super Mario 3D Land was released I was sure to pick up a copy right away. I mean, it’s Super Mario in 3D after all. Something I’d of given many rupees years ago to of experienced.

The game was great, and really showcases just how amazing 3D gaming on the 3DS can be. Nothing felt forced or gimmicky, it just works. The production values are top notch, like you would expect from a top tier Nintendo title.

At first the whole 3D can be a bit daunting, but just a few minutes in you’re easily immersed  and can judge jumps like a pro.

The first bBowser fight was really impressive to me. The fire that he throws at you really jumps off the screen and adds an element of hurry to your actions. I felt like a little kid, it was great.

The only drawback is that the game isn’t very challenging to a Mario veteran. However, it’s not so simple as to bore.

An amazing game and a reason in itself to buy a 3DS. Very impressed and looking forward to more A-grade titles.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2This game is amazing. As good as the first Super Mario Galaxy was, the sequel was event better. Level design was so original and creative. I can’t imagine not only how they make these levels come to life, but just simply coming up with their ideas for them. They were really that original.

I’m pretty sure that there’s up to 242 stars to be collected in this one, so even though I’ve beaten Bowser, rescued the Princess and have about 119 stars, there’s still much more game to be played. Oh, and you can play as Luigi on a lot of the levels too, Luigi is awesome. And riding Yoshi is always great as well.

IGN gave this game a rare 10 rating, and I have to agree with the perfect score. Amazing game, and a must play if you own a Wii.

Video Games

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside StoryJust got done playing one of the finer DS games I’ve played in a while, Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. This well crafted game provided much entertainment for a couple of weeks, such as while waiting for my car to be serviced. btw I will always bring a game to pass the time now when I’m getting the car serviced.

I’m sure I must’ve looked like the world’s biggest kid playing this game constantly, but I really did enjoy it so who cares.

Bowser’s Inside Story is the third installment in the Mario and Luigi RPG franchise. The game has some challenging puzzles, but nothing too crazy. Graphics are very impressive, and the music/sounds are really well done for a DS game. Mario and Luigi speaking Italian did bring a slight chuckle from me each time they conversed.

Playing as Bowser for a good portion of the game was a nice touch too. Growing up, I’d always found myself pitted against Bowser, so to play as him was cool. I do always kinda root for the bad guys in most fictitious things.

While I still have no idea what “I’ve Got Chortles!” means, Fawful was a pretty solid enemy. All in all a very entertaining and well made game.