Video Games

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3I finally got around to finishing up Mass Effect 3, the third chapter in a pretty amazing series. The first two were great, and some of my favorite games. The sci-fi world and characters really are well done.

What really makes the games great are all the decisions that you must make. Though it’s only a video game, some of the decisions you are faced with are pretty tough to decide on. There’s moments where you can save an entire race, but at the cost of another race. What’s impressive is how the game actually has you caring about a silly video game decision. Well done.

I recall hearing a lot of complaints about the ending, but I didn’t have any problems with it. I thought it was very well done, and a fine closing to an impressive trilogy. Amazing series and some of the finest science fiction I have come across in a long time. Always a pleasure playing alongside Garrus, Liara, Joker and countless other characters.

Video Games

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D WorldThough I had bought Super Mario 3D World for the Nintendo WiiU almost a year ago (think it was in November), I hadn’t gotten around to playing it until a little bit ago. But since I started, I’ve probably been playing it a bit too much or just need more to do. It’s much fun.

Once again the awesome folks at Nintendo (one of my all-time favorite companies) made yet another fun Mario game that while brings much newness to the franchise still retains the nostalgia of playing so many Mario games growing up. I’m not sure how they manage that balance, but they do. Hats off to you Nintendo.

Though I really haven’t played it much on multiplayer, it’s so awesome that the different characters play differently like waaaayyy back in Super Mario 2. Luigi jumps higher, Peach floats, Toad is fast, etc. So awesome to see that again.

The levels and challenge are pretty well balanced too. I find myself devoting way too much time and effort in collecting green stars and stamps, but I just can’t help it. It’s rewarding when you get a really tough one!

This is an awesome game, that’s much fun. Brings back some great childhood memories, yet is still new at the same time.

Video Games

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

wind wakerI played and thoroughly enjoyed the Wind Waker when it came out for the Gamecube years ago. I recalled it being like playing a cartoon at the time. It was pretty great. So when I saw it was being re-release for the Wii U I was certain to pick up a copy.

The re-release was even finer than I recalled my previous experience when I played it before. It was really awesome and one of the finest games I’ve ever played. As a grown man, I really shouldn’t get that into a video game, but I was thoroughly hooked. I’d constantly find ways to squeeze in a few minutes here and there, searching for just one more treasure, etc. Addictive at times, but much fun.

The cel-shaded graphics really held up well over time and in HD they were amazing. Everything was so bright and the artistic style was truly impressive. I know some fools thought it was too kiddish with the art style, but I’m still impressed by it. It’s incredibly well done.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game a great deal and at times was almost consumed by it. It was that good. A fine reason to own a Wii U.

Video Games

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham CityI did buy a Wii U a month or so ago and was excited when I saw that Batman: Arkham City was released for it. It was a game that since it’s release I’ve been meaning to play, but somehow just never had gotten around to it.

Gotta admit this was as good as I’ve heard. I’ve never been a really big Batman fan (more of a Marvel guy), but whether you were Batman or not it was still a very impressive game. Every now and then something comes along that raises the bar a notch, and this was one of those games.

The story and voice acting are pretty amazing. Better than what you’d find in the biggest budget movies in my opinion.

And the gameplay does a pretty terrific job of making it feel like you are Batman while you play. His moves, all the gadgets, they really seem to get it.

I was also glad that I waited until it came out on the Wii U. I thought that the use of the Gamepad screen was pretty convenient. Having the map and all the gadgets on the second screen was pretty convenient. No pausing to select stuff was nice.

A very impressive game, and amazing example of just how far games have come.