My Mom-mom

Sadly my grandmother passed away on Sunday morning. She was the best grandmother to my brothers and we’ll miss her very very much. What I’ll remember most about her is the fun we had when she would baby sit us when we were little.

Growing up my brothers and I had a number of baby sitters who refused to babysit again (looking back there should be no shame for not returning), but she always seemed to have such a good time with us. Whether it was the time we destroyed the kitchen trying to make cupcakes, or tying her to the couch when she dozed off for just a few minutes, to flooding the bathroom floor just for fun that she would later slip on (so sorry for that one mom-mom), she would never got angry at us or tell our parents how bad we behaved on that given night.

Wow, actually now that I’m writing this I’m remembering so much more good stuff we did with her. She was cool enough to play with us and our Star Wars and G.I. Joe toys. How many grandmoms knew how cool Boba Fet was? She’d take us to the mall all the time, to Collector’s Cabin to buy Jose Canseco rookie cards, read nursery rhymes to us from the ancient book nursery rhyme book we had, and look for gold bug hidden in the other book too (gold bug was like Waldo, but a golden bug). Oh, and also sewing on strawberry cartons or paper plates (sounds weird, but it was fun stuff).

And she and my grandfather bought me the Mac LC which was the coolest gift that I’ve ever gotten to this day. Probably the biggest reason why I do what I do for a living today.

We really had a lot of good times with her and that will certainly be missed, but not forgotten. Oh and her apple tarts that she would always bake for us were awesome too.

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Goodbye Adrienne

AdrienneSadly Adrienne passed away today.  She was a one of the kindest dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I can’t sum her up better than just the fact the she was a good dog.  Extremely friendly, gentle, obedient, and just one of the sweetest dogs. 

She was twelve years old and had some gray hairs to show for it, but her passing came rather unexpected today.  She will truly be missed by myself and all those who were so very fortunate to of met her.

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Replaced Frank’s Xbox 360

Just bought a new Xbox 360 and Madden ’09 for my brother Frank.  His house was broken into a few days ago and they made off with that amongst some other things.  Probably some stupid kids from what was taken, so hopefully they’ll get caught.  It was Anthony’s idea to buy him a new system.

It’s really ashame you can’t go Charles Bronson on them and take the law into your own hands.  Well at least we were able to replace most of the stuff that was taken.

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Finally just set up an account on Facebook.  Now I can finally get my hands dirty with FBML, API, Data Store, and FQL while developing for the Facebook Platform.  If I make anything cool I’ll be sure to write about it here.  Guess it’d make some sense to have an idea for and app before developing it.

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No AC at Work

Walked in this morning to a very hot and humid building this morning when I arrived to work.  Apparently something malfunctioned and there was no air on the entire weekend, while a heat wave was on mind you.  So yeah, it was pretty sticky when we all arrived this morning.

I was actually not even going to come in today since I will be attending the Edu Web Conference later today, but figured I’d come in for half a day to get caught up before being at the conference the rest of the week.  Wow, should’ve not come in at all.  Now it seems that the air is back on and things are beginning to cool down a bit, should be comfortable around when I take off today.

I’ll try to write about anything cool I learn or see at the Edu Web Conference.

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$700 gag gift

Scientology PaintingI had the day off on Thursday, and the college was having a rummage sale. So since I wasn’t around Sean thought it’d be funny if he bought the most hideous thing possible and placed it in my office while I was away. Apparently Brittney who was taking part in the great rummage sale let Sean know that they had just the perfect thing to place in my office.

As of this writing I still haven’t seen it, but apparently it was some hideous looking painting by some well known Scientologist or something.  This fine work of art was purchased at the rummage sale for $5.  Out of curiosity the painting was then researched online.  Apparently this appalling gag gift fetches around $700! 

Not a bad profit.  Looks like somebody didn’t do their homework before selling off this exquisite piece of Scientology art.  The painting has plans of being sold with the profits going to a noble cause.

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